Brand Name: Thrust (Company name: UAB Aerodiagnostika)

Home address: Sklandytuvų str. 1, Paluknys, Trakų distr., Lithuania

Phone/fax : +370 618 80800

E-mail :


General information about the company:

Thrust™ by AeroDiagnostika develops multifunctional customizable fixed-wing drone systems designed for civil use, military and defense. TargetFox Drone by Thrust™ is a high-speed UAV optimized for short focused missions that includes military training as well as attack/defense actions carrying smart weaponry (e.g. Loitering Light Attack Drone). For real-time surveillance and multispectral data collection (LiDAR, IR, etc.) Thrust™ offers a long-endurance solution – the GreenBee Drones. AeroDiagnostika is an ISO-certified official supplier for NATO.