Company name: ARQUIMEA

Home address:

C. Margarita Salas, Nº 10, 28919 Leganés, Madrid

Phone/fax : 916 89 80 94

E-mail :


General information about the company:

ARQUIMEA is a Spanish multi-sector technology company that operates globally in highly demanding sectors. Founded in 2004, today it boasts more than 500 employees.

ARQUIMEA cooperates with the Ministry of Defence, NATO Armed Forces and with the leading companies in the defence and aerospace sectors, to address the current and future operational requirements of the Armed Forces improving safety and improving performance.


Weapons and equipment will be demonstrated:

Loitering system Q-SLAM-40 :

Q-SLAM-40 is a tactical loitering system designed to perform diverse types of short-range operations including protection safely and efficiently, surveillance, reconnaissance, target acquisition or damage assessment.  The loitering system has been designed to tackle complex combat environments in special or conventional operations on the field or from fixed defensive positions.

Q-SLAM-40 system is a cost-effective, flexible, robust and durable system that can be easily carried by a team of two soldiers in lightweight backpacks. The system is deployed anywhere needed in less than 5 minutes, ensuring fast reaction time.



Fire control system for mortars TECHFIRE :

TECHFIRE is a fire control system for mortars and artillery howitzers that automates and accelerates all the tasks related to direct or indirect fire, in a single gun or a weapon unit, allowing increased precision and control over supporting fire processes.

Through its interactive, user-friendly graphical user interface, TECHFIRE is a system that enables operators to deal with all kinds of fire control processing data. The system offers a wide range of applications that allow users to exchange a wide variety of operational information and orders.


Maintenance system for Mortar Systems, mCOUNTER

mCOUNTER is an electronic device designed to increase safety and ease the maintenance tasks for mortar systems by automatically recording each shot performed by the weapon. The system records the number, date and time of the shots performed. This information is crucial to adapt the maintenance plan for each mortar through its life cycle.

mCOUNTER is attached to the mortar at the chamber zone without affecting its normal use. The device maintenance is minimal and does not require special tools. All these characteristics make the mCOUNTER an accurate and reliable solution for mortar systems logistics.

Aiming system for mortars eCOMPASS

eCOMPASS is an electronic aiming system that makes the aiming process for mortars easier and faster.

The device combines speed, accuracy, and usability to improve the effectiveness of mortar units in the battlefield, where every second counts. eCOMPASS is based on a multiple sensors module resulting in a non-dependent GNSS device. It is the technological advancement to the traditional mortar sight units.

The mortar can be ready to fire in only 50 seconds. Besides this short aiming time, eCOMPASS improves aiming accuracy, obtaining a precision lower than 7 mils in orientation and 3 mils in elevation. The system consists of a multiple sensors module, a battery, and a rugged tablet that is easy to transport and use. The high shock resistance of eCOMPASS allows it to be used in all type of mortars regardless their caliber, charge, or rate of fire.