Company name: LiTak-Tak

Year of incorporation: 2009

Home address: Vytauto str. 49A, Keturiasdesimt Totoriu village, Vilnius district, LT-14120 Lithuania

Phone : +370 5 2153 533

Fax: +370 5 2784 035




General characteristics of the company:

JSC „LiTak-Tak“ is dynamically developing company with the main purpose to provide supplies of air traffic control, radar equipment and surface-to-air missile systems. LiTak-Tak offers the products and solutions listed below:



– ATC equipment;

– ATC simulators;

– Radars of different purpose (civil and military);

– Data and Voice recording systems;

– Command posts of different levels;

– Ground Controlled Approach Systems (civil and military).



– Modernization of legacy radars (civil and military);

– Modernization of legacy Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) Systems;

– Back-up/after sale support service;

– Development of ATC’s tailored solutions;

– Integration of radar systems (civil and military).


Products (experience):

In 2014 LiTak-Tak presented the first new metric band radar AMBER- 1800 that was produced in Europe. It is characterized by fully automatic deployment/stowing down on site of installation. Mobile radar AMBER-1800 availability after the installation of the vehicles on site is just 20 minutes.

More information about radar AMBER-1800: