“Live Firing Show 2025” 

2025/04/24 09:00:41

Live demo exhibition „Live Firing Show 2023“

Video: fire show 2023 001 – YouTube


The goal of „LFS 2023″ is to provide the opportunity for  the Defense Industries to demonstrate their technologies and capabilities to the key decision makers and military personnel, as well as to improve communication and the development of essential business relations between Defence Sector companies. Our approach is a unique „live – demo“ concept where Defence Industries are welcome to demonstrate their kinetic weapons and firepower as well as other products including close air support (CAS), reconnaissance, and much more.

During „LFS 2023“, Defence Industries will be able to show in action various types of weaponry, ammunition, equipment and systems: UAVs, armed vehicles, mortars, machine guns, anti-tank weapons, land mines, grenades, light infantry weapons, Close Air Support capabilities, etc.

„Live Firing Show 2021“

07 October 2021

(pictures Alfredas Pliadis)