Englo LLC

Home address: Akadeemia tee 21/1 Tallinn 12618 Estonia

Phone/fax : +372 6702444

E-mail : info@englo.ee

Website: www.englo.eu

General information about the company: Blasting machines, detonator line testers, radiation measuring devices and vehicle sensors will be demonstrated.

PONGO is a hand generated blasting device for firing of at least two Class 1 sensitivity detonators up to 1000 times or more. The total blasting line resistance should not exceed 11 ohms. Weight 150 g.

ARES is a remote blasting machine designed to remotely explode electric detonators and measure blasting line resistance. Ares consists of one control/transmitter unit and up to four firing/receiver units.

GUERILLA is a medium energy blasting device that comes with a built-in line continuity tester. Firing voltage 250 V.

MARS-3 is specifically designed to explode electric detonators and control the electric resistance of a successive switch blasting line in a safe manner. Firing voltage 500 V.

ERNA-5 is the only hand generated blasting machine what has the buil-in digital ohmmeter. Firing voltage 560 V.

BART-1 is a hand generated blasting machine with line continuity tester. Firing voltage 940 V.

VIGOR is a blasting machine tester VIGOR specially designed for testing the impulse energy of the ENGLO blasting machines

ROM is a remote ohmmeter for safe and convenient inspection of the blasting lines.

OOM-4 digital line tester for safe testing the electric detonator lines and/or the connecting cables.

MAMBA is a vehicle crossing detector for either linear or all-around protection and advance warning of the unexpected vehicle entering a territory. The detection units are battery powered and use radio link to transmit an alarm to a control room or guard post.

RADON-4 is a radiometer for the detection of either total a-, b- and g-radiation or only g-radiation with high energy b-radiation. The device is an easy and comfortable tool for radon gas measuring.

NOVA-3B is a pocket dosimeter for measuring the γ-radiation equivalent dose and dose rate. The data saved in the dosimeter memory may be transferred to PC by Bluetooth connection.