Company name: HEVI Optronics

Home address: Joa tee 11, 76903, Vääna, Estonia

Phone/fax : +372 5177 186

E-mail :


General information about the company:

HEVI Optronics is designing and developing precision-engineered electro-optical systems for commercial and defense applications.

HeviTrack S will be exhibited at the stand:

HeviTrack S is a medium range multi-sensor surveillance system for armored vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles, patrol vehicles and stationary applications.

Key features:

  1. Integrated panoramic daylight EO, MWIR and LRF capability with high-accuracy boresighted optronic assembly
  2. Gyrostabilized 2-axis system
  3. Rugged according to MIL-STDs
  4. Easy integration into vehicles
  5. Continuous 360 azimuth movement, -45° to +95° elevation range
  6. Integrated Electronics and onboard video processor
  7. Designed to be compatible with NATO Generic vehicle Architecture (GVA)


HeviTrack S on PASI APC

HeviTrack S tripod

HeviTrack S dismounted on tripod