Company name:  ND SATCOM GmbH

Logotype: ND SATCOM

Home address: Graf-von-Soden-Strasse

Phone/fax : +497545939-0

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General information about the company:

With over three decades of experience, ND SATCOM is the premier supplier and integrator of innovative satellite communication systems and solutions to support customers with critical operations around the world. The company’s products and solutions are used in more than 200 transnational networks in government, military, telecommunications and broadcasting sectors.

1) Multi-Band FlyAway Terminal MFT 1500

Severe Storms, Gale-force Winds – Ready To Communicate Anytime

Transmit and receive when other systems have already surrendered: The new ND SATCOM Multi-Band FlyAway Terminal MFT 1500 with integrated SKYWAN technology revolutionises the market with its uniquely robust design. Whether it’s a heavy storm or a violent tempest – this terminal works extremely reliably, is ready for use enormously quickly and sets new standards worldwide in terms of communications security. Built from lightweight and durable components, it ensures easy transport and long product life.

2)SKYWAN 5G Satellite Modem

The future is now. The future is SKYWAN 5G.

Dive into a new dimension of satellite communication with SKYWAN 5G.  Just when you thought you heard it all – from reliability to flexibility to scalability – ND SATCOM breaks the barrier with new engineering features that anticipate your business needs and further optimise the performance of your business. We listen, we innovate, we lead. This is why our standards of excellence, proven track record and 5th generation SKYWAN keep customers coming back for more. We are the only trusted solution provider in Europe for demanding market sectors such as aviation and the military, where the concept of reliability has far-reaching impact.

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ND SATCOM SKYWAN_5G_perspective

ND SATCOM MultiBand FlyAway Terminal MFT 1500