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General information about the company:

Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions from military defence to civil security.

Weapons and equipment that will be demonstrated during „Live Firing Show 2021“

SAAB Ground Combat

Carl Gustaf M4 :

The Carl-Gustaf M4 is a man-portable, multi-role weapon system that provides high tactical flexibility through its wide range of ammunition types. Carl-Gustaf M4 is the premium choice and the benchmark for all shoulder-fired systems.

In the pavilion we will display different sight solutions from Aimpoint, Senop and Hensoldt for the M4 system

Ammunition fired with CG M4


The 84 mm Light Anti-Armour Weapon AT4CS (Confined Space) ER (Extended Range) is a lightweight, recoil-less and disposable anti-amour weapon. It is designed according to the principle of counter mass and can therefore be fired from inside a room.


The 84 mm AT4CS AST is a lightweight, recoil-less and disposable anti-structure weapon for close range combat. It is designed according to the principle of counter-mass and can therefore be fired from inside a room. (Confined space).


Displayed in pavilion.

The heavily armoured tank is a threat that the soldier must face and deal with. Our own armour and heavy anti-tank weapons provide the greatest tank killing capability, but a number of enemy main battle tanks (MBT) may have to be engaged by soldiers at close range. The NLAW fills this role. The two attack modes together with the guidance system make it possible to not only defeat armoured fighting vehicles (AFV) and MBT at all attitudes, but also non-armoured vehicles and troops in buildings and field fortifications.

Saab Training & Simulation


Home address: Stensholmsvägen 20, SE-561 85 Huskvarna, Sweden

Phone/fax : +46 768967013

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General information about the company: Saab’s training and simulation offering comprises solutions within the live, virtual and constructive domain. All combined with in-depth knowledge in planning, integration and executing mission-specific training solutions.


Weapons and equipment will be demonstrated:

Live Fire Training Systems LiFTS  :

Saab Training & Simulation will demonstrate a full range of Live Fire Training Systems capabilities, including Stationary Infantry Target with Swivel target holder and Stationary Armour Target (SAT).

In addition our LOMAH sensors will be demonstrated together with the SIT. The LOMAH is a system to detect supersonic projectiles and determine their trajectory parameters, identity, origin, and impact points.

SIT w. swivel target holder


SIT with Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH) sensor

AT4 Outdoor Trainer (ODT) :

The realism and experience provided by the AT4 ODT gives gunners performance confidence. Soldiers obtain the necessary weapons skills needed in critical combat situations.

The AT4 ODT is transparent to gunners, and takes them as close to live firing as possible. It has the correct form, fit and function, including realistic weight, shape and balance. The simulator implements a sophisticated gyro-stabilized simulation that requires soldiers to apply correct weapon-handling procedures, including distance estimation, lead angle and elevation.

Sophisticated gunner feedback:

The AT4 ODT is equipped with a display for visual user feedback and a speaker for verbal/audio information and weapons sounds.

Easy introduction:

With its display and comprehensive audio cues, the simulator is a perfect platform for experiential learning.




CG84 M4 Outdoor Trainer (ODT) :

Saab’s Carl-Gustaf M4 ODT is the perfect choice for all aspects of weapons training. Training and experiencing weapons effects on all defined targets is an important feature.

The Carl-Gustaf ODT benefits soldiers who use correct drills and procedures, and penalizes those who don’t. Procedural and realistic training for gunners as well as loaders is included in the system. Repetitively using real and correct weapon procedures gives soldiers the skills and experience required in real combat.

Intelligent simulator grenades:

The Carl-Gustaf ODT concept includes intelligent simulator grenades, implemented for ammunition both with and without fuse settings, HE and HEAT. The loading drill replicates that of a live grenade, and, upon insertion, the simulator grenade automatically transfers the ammunition type and fuse settings to the simulator.

Sophisticated gunner feedback:

The ODT is equipped with a display for visual user feedback and a speaker for verbal audio information and weapon sounds.

Instructor tools:

Instructors play an essential role in all training. The instructor tool gives you the capabilities to provide objective and timely feedback, both on the individual and collective levels. Instructor can plan, prepare, execute and evaluate gunnery training.




Saab AB Support and Services


Address: Storlienvägen 56 , Östersund

Phone/fax : +46734460221



General information about the company:

Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions within military defence and civil security. Saab has operations and employees on all continents around the world. Through innovative, collaborative and pragmatic thinking, Saab develops, adopts and improves new technology to meet customers’ changing needs.

CBRN Solutions

Saab is a world leading CBRN systems integrator, specializing in design and development of fully integrated end-to-end sensor networks for civil and military applications. Our systems have been EMC tested and successfully deployed to protect critical infrastructure through mobile and fixed sensor nodes which, combined with our experience in integrated CBRN reconnaissance vehicles, provides a complete Automatic Warning and Reporting system.

Saab also have uniqe products for Transport of Hazard material in the CBRNe Transport packaging , combined with a supporting sampling concept.

Weapons and equipment will be demonstrated:

CBRN AWR Monitoring and CBRN simulation Software

The Saab CBRN Automatic Warning and Reporting (AWR) System, which consist of both hardware and software, is designed to provide early warnings to units and personnel on the battlefield. The decision support module helps the operator make fast and accurate decisions, which is a key factor in limiting the effects of CBRN threats.

The simulations software  with a dispersion models allows you to train close to live in a simulated environments without releasing any Hazard in the Air or on the ground

CBRN Transport packaging

CBRNe Transport Packaging is a unique container designed for safe transportation of CBRNe samples and other hazardous materials.

It is certified for all types of transportation, including by road, railway, boat and airplane, according to the transport regulations of ADR, RID, IMDG-code and ICAO-TI/IATA. Even in full protection clothing it is easy to handle. The package consists a case and a transportation container.

CBRN Sampling Equipment

Saab´s CBRN/TIM Sampling Kit and Advanced Sampling Equipment are dynamic solutions for forensic and tactical sampling.

The CBRN Sampling Equipment is a man-portable case with a selected range of sampling equipment. It provides first responders with all the tools they need to conduct efficient, proper and secure field collection of all types of chemical, biological and radio-logical agents.