Company name: SensusQ

Home address: Tallinn, Estonia

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General information about the company:


SensusQ is an Estonian defense company established in 2020 with the goal of enabling organizations to take control of their data and transform it into valuable insights. The SensusQ team has extensive experience in defense and intelligence, and they have created a tool that addresses the challenges they faced in the field.

SensusQ systems have already been adopted by several NATO military forces and are currently in use in multiple countries. Users report that the SensusQ system helps to plan and conduct intelligence activities up to 30% faster and more effectively. With SensusQ’s technology, organizations can extract the full potential of their data to make informed decisions.


Intelligence capabilities that will be demonstrated:

Winning Mind:

Our intelligence management platform Winning Mind combines automation, integration and interoperability to empower decision-making. SensusQ helps find knowledge from your complex and siloed data in minutes.

The solution is designed to keep your data secure by running entirely on your premises. This means that you have complete control over your data and it never leaves your hands. When needed, simply share the standardized reports and analysis results with just one click. This allows seamless collaboration within organizations while ensuring the utmost security and privacy of your data.

The system is highly scalable and interoperable. It brings together intel from dozens of tools, crawlers and databases, replacing clunky intelligence collection, exploitation and sharing pipelines with a single platform. We prioritize easy implementation, allowing our customers to maintain their current way of working with minimal friction.






Our mobile app Verdandi feeds information heard, seen and reported automatically into the intelligence management platform. Single pieces of data are turned into a complete picture.

Verdandi is a mobile app that turns every boot on the ground into a sensor, allowing reporting information from the field, replacing email and other messaging services with a single tool.

Reported images, video or leads with metadata are immediately added to the correct operation, linked with existing knowledge and available for analysis. It allows both boots on the ground and other reconnaissance sources to submit information into our intelligence management platform without leaving traces of the information on the device. Communication is one-way, ensuring that information can be submitted without revealing anything else to the user or anyone with physical access to the reporting device.