Advanced Protection Systems SA



Home address:
Pl Kaszubski 8 lok 311
Gdynia 81-350 Gdynia Poland
Phone/fax : +48 538 525 162
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Advanced Protection Systems SA, based in Gdynia, Poland, develops the pioneering. FIELDctrl 3D MIMO radars and the SKYctrl anti-drone system to effectively detect,

classify, track and neutralize UAVs. With a task force of more than a hundred technology, military and business experts, as well as scientists,

engineers and developers, Advanced Protection Systems produces

high-quality and exceptionally effective anti-drone systems that have achieved a comparative advantage over competitors’ solutions.

The company develops, manufactures and implements every component of the technology in-house: from the integrated circuits,

electronics and mechatronics to the software and final implementation. Advanced Protection Systems’ radar technologies protect key locations worldwide,
both military and civilian. The Ukrainian Armed Forces using the SKYctrl system confirm its effectiveness: ‘So far, this is the best system I and other units have seen
and experienced. (…) Its range corresponds to the specification and is even greater, depending on the flight altitude of the BSP. It even sees birds, but does not neutralise
them because it automatically distinguishes them from the drones.”

Weapons and equipment will be demonstrated:
SKYctrl: battle-proven C-UAV System
3D detection, tracking, classification and neutralization of LSS (Low-Slow-Small) targets.
– Very precise 3D multiple target tracking radar with MHT (multiple hypothesis tracking)
– Automatic classification; differentiation between drones and other aerial objects
– Drones class 1 to class 3 detection and tracking
– Automated jammer head with directive antennas covering drones communication and
navigation bands
– Dedicated and user-friendly C2 software; the PDQ tool for deployment optimization
– Extremely fast set up – full deployment up to 5 minutes
– Military Health&Safety Certificate
– Dedicated API for radar data transfer to external systems, easy to integrate hard-kill
– Automatic positioning and heading control



01. SKYctrl critical infrastructure

02. SKYctrl military airport

03. SKYctrl public event