Company name: Raytheon ELCAN

Home address: Raytheon ELCAN, 450 Leitz Road, Midland, Ontario, CANADA L4R 5B8

Phone/fax :  +1-705-209-2773

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General information about the company:


For more than 160 years, Raytheon ELCAN has been delivering high‐precision optical systems for the most demanding challenges in the world. Across mission, industries and continents, we leverage the depth and breadth of our expertise to drive new standards of quality, innovation and performance.

At Raytheon ELCAN, we think differently to help customers see better and further across any domain and against any challenge.

Raytheon ELCAN provides vertically integrated, custom opto-electronic/opto-mechanical sub-assemblies across the spectrum. The company delivers breakthrough technologies at an accelerated pace for commercial, civil and military customers.

Having all the capabilities required to turn glass and metal into high precision optical assemblies, known as vertical integration, is part of the competitive advantage Raytheon ELCAN offers to customers to push the boundaries and exceed customer mission requirements.


Specter® DR1-4x battle sight


Specter® VP1-8x battle sight