Company name: THALES Belgium

Home address: Rue en Bois 63 – 4040 Herstal – Belgique

Phone/fax : +32471647172

E-mail :

Website: Thales Belgium SA – Rocket System 70mm (2.75”) : World leader in the field of air-to-ground rocket system (

General information about the company:  Thales is the only company worldwide developing, manufacturing and supplying a complete rocket system, including fire control systems, weapons and ammunition, both precision guided and unguided.

Weapons and equipment will be demonstrated:

 FZ275 – 2.75″/70mm Laser Guided Rockets (LGR):

Thales LGR is capable of delivering accurate and efficient firepower, with an easy integration for fix and mobile target

Platform integration includes Airborne (fixed and rotary wing) and Terrestrial manned and unmanned applications, using the same ammunition, leading to reduced logistic footprint

The LGR covers a multiple indirect (BLOS) or direct (LOS) fire support with a range up to 7Km and multiple warheads including high explosive and shape charge

The LGR offers Lock On Before Launch (LOBL) capability in combination with the new smart digital rocket launchers in order to optimize final effect and increase security & accuracy to support troops in the frontline

The LGR is also compatible with all Thales legacy rocket launchers in service for many years.