E-mail: sales@rsieu.com

Website: https://www.rsieu.com/

General information about the company:

UAB RSI Europe, a Lithuanian technology company, developing and manufacturing innovative radio and electronic systems for the defense sector.

Company develops and manufactures a smart remote detonation system RISE-1, which allows to effectively strengthen the defense capabilities of military engineers, territorial defense forces and other military structures that can employ smart, quickly deployable explosive barriers in their missions.

The company is growing rapidly and continues to develop and improve defence products in the electronics and IoT field.


Weapons and equipment will be demonstrated:

RISE-1 :

The RISE-1 remote detonation system is designed for mining, demining and special operations, as it works at a distance of more than 25 km. The system includes a repeater that can increases the operating distance to 50 km and allows overcoming terrain obstacles. A smart application makes it easy to operate and allows monitoring information on many system parameters.

This equipment is especially valued by engineer minesweepers and territorial defence forces because it allows them to strike/stop the enemy without putting themselves in immediate danger while at the same time allowing passage of friendly troops. Its smart features and flexible system configuration allow to create effective defensive barriers that can be quickly deployed and redeployed.