Home address: Molėtų pl. 73

Phone/fax : +37065596983

E-mail : rb@brolis-defence.com

Website: https://brolis-defence.com/

General information about the company:

BROLIS develops a range of electro-optical systems and components for security, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting applications operating in near infrared (NIR), short-wave infrared (SWIR) and long-wave infrared (LWIR) spectral ranges.

Weapons and equipment will be demonstrated:



The S100U is a weapon sight system designed for medium-long distance observation and target acquisition. The S100U works in VIS-NIR-SWIR spectral bands simultaneously offering passive night vision and visibility through various obscurants, such as dust or smoke. The S100U is equipped with autofocus, micro SD card slot for video data recording and asynchronous laser pulse detection (ALPD) mode for short duration laser pulse detection such as LRFs. Also the S100U has integrated powerful and adjustable 1550 nm laser for illumination under very dark conditions or illumination through tinted windows.


The BROLIS LP5X is compact and extremely lightweight laser pointer-illuminator designed for use with small arms and crew-served weapons to provide enhanced direct-fire aiming and illumination capabilities in any weather conditions. The LP5X is equipped with four (4) lasers:  visible and infrared pointers, IR infrared illuminator with electronically adjustable beam divergence and VCSEL IR flood illuminator.  Aiming and IR illuminator lasers are co-aligned, making zeroing procedures a snap. Zeroing one will zero the others to the same POI, allowing the operator to zero the laser during the day and conduct quick checks to confirm. The LP5X also has an adjustable flip-up mechanical front sight. The LP5X is powered by one (1) CR123 3V battery and can be easily mounted on MIL-STD-1913 Rail / NATO STANAG 4694 picatinny rail in low profile configuration.


The BROLIS FTAL (Focus Tunable Advanced Laser) LS-850e is a high-power long range infrared laser pointer and illuminator working in NIR band with unique never-seen-before features that make it a perfect solution for marking targets when hand-held, weapon-mounted or integrated into complex systems. The BROLIS FTAL utilizes next-generation single spatial mode laser diode that ensures ultimate beam profile quality and superior brightness while remaining Class 3B laser. Together with standard marking features (low and high power and pulsed modes) FTAL uses the advantages of rapid electronic beam divergence control to introduce a completely new operation mode that ease the task of distinguishing laser source from the target being marked by rapidly changing laser beam divergence and producing a completely new type of laser operation mode. The BROLIS FTAL can be activated using a fire switch situated directly on the module or by using a remote-control pad. Housing is made from highly durable 7075 (aerospace-grade) aluminum providing a superior resistance to wear while maintaining low weight. The ergonomic build makes the device ambidextrous and easily operable while in either hand.


The BROLIS LW75-MG is rugged uncooled thermal sight providing explicit day/night imagery through various obscurants like dust, smoke, haze, fog and others. Thermal sight is designed and dedicated to be used as a stand-alone thermal aiming device for rapid target acquisition and engagement. The sight has few different reticles based on calibers of firearms (5.56×45 mm, 7.62×51 mm, 12.7×99 mm) and special reticle for reconnaissance and observation tasks. The LW75-MG incorporates the latest uncooled VOx microbolometer sensor technology providing unmatched sensitivity of the system. The LW75-MG is equipped with an analog video-out capability. The BROLIS LW75-MG is easy to use, accepts standard AA batteries or external power source, has full metal aluminum alloy 7075 (aerospace-grade) housing and is protected by superior wear and corrosion resistant, chemically stable coating.


The BROLIS LW75U is rugged uncooled thermal weapon sight providing clear day/night Imagery through various obscurants like dust, smoke, haze, fog, and many others. The LW75U incorporates the latest uncooled VOx microbolometer sensor technology providing unmatched sensitivity of the system. The BROLIS LW75U is designed to interface with day scopes but also can be used as a portable reconnaissance system. The LW75U is equipped with a video-out capability. The BROLIS LW75U is easy to use, accepts standard AA batteries, has full metal aluminum alloy 7075 (aerospace-grade) housing, and is protected by superior wear and corrosion resistant, chemically stable coating.


The BROLIS LM NIR band is a long-range, covert laser designator, illuminator, and pointer working at 860, 915, 980 nm wavelengths. It provides a powerful and adjustable laser beam ideal for target marking and illumination at distances more than 14 km. The BROLIS LM NIR band can be operated as a hand-held, weapon or tripod-mounted device. It has multiple operation modes including remote control via RS232 interface and external power supply option. Modular design and removable battery compartment. Full remote control. The Device has full metal aluminum alloy 7075 (aerospace-grade) housing.


The BROLIS SM NIR band is a short-range, extremely lightweight, covert laser illuminator working at 860, 915, 980 nm wavelengths.  It provides illumination at wide-angle at distances more than 150 m. The BROLIS SM NIR band can be mounted on vehicles, UAVs, aircrafts, boats, buildings to provide illumination for a wide area with covert light, has full metal aluminium alloy 7075 (aerospace-grade) housing and is protected  by superior wear and corrosion resistant, chemically stable coating.


The BROLIS TWINS is a dual tube highly advanced night vision device with Single Gain Control featuring very broad response range. The BROLIS TWINS are easy to use, operates from a single AA battery, has lightweight, extremely durable, Mil-Spec housing designed for multiple applications and is wear and corrosion-resistant. The BROLIS TWINS incorporate new high-performance optics that are not only much lighter but also offer higher performance than standard optics. Additionally, the BROLIS TWINS provide an automatic system power cutoff when the system is transitioned into the helmet’s mounted stow position, and then powers back on when it is flipped back down. This feature can additionally be disabled by the end-user if needed. The prominent feature is the integrated Auto-Gated power supply, facilitating operations under dynamic lighting conditions.

BROLIS Ghostbuster

Ghostbuster is a special countermeasure device designed for rifle-scopes, binoculars which prevents the observer from being detected by retroreflection based optics detection systems and protects observer’s eyes from hazardous infrared laser beams. Ghostbuster suppresses all incoming infrared laser light and cancels “cat eye” style retro response which can be detected by opposing forces while simultaneously does not hinder the passage of visible light. Ghostbuster is designed to be mounted on standard 50 mm, 56 mm riflescopes, but can be easily customized to fit any other sizes.